Every year, Søndervig Beboerforening is behind several activities in the area.

Søndervig Residents' Association will give its members the opportunity to stay informed about possible changes in Søndervig that may affect the area and its residents.
Information about a lot of events in the area can be found at Visit Vesterhavets activity calendar

Søndervig events incl. You can also find the music program in our membership magazine:




Annual activities with Søndervig Beboerforening

The activities are spread throughout the year, but are primarily in the summer.

St. Hans Eve:

For the past several years, Saint Hans has been celebrated with swinging Jazz music from the Ringkøbing Big Band, bonfires and group singing in Søndervig and is organized in collaboration with the Søndervig Center Association. It is a good evening that many people use to greet their holiday home neighbors and old acquaintances in the area. The music fluctuates and you can buy refreshments such as beer and delicious grilled sausages at reasonable prices.


Open tournament at Holmland Klit Golf

Søndervig Open (July):

This year's golf match is July 13, 2024.

Søndervig Beboerforening's annual golf tournament, which is held at and in collaboration with Holmsland Klit Golf. The tournament is open to everyone and is a pleasant day on the challenging golf course very close to the North Sea.


Music at Sandpladsen in Søndervig:Activities

In the beautiful summer time, several days of the week resound with beautiful music. Sunshine and swinging rhythms have become one of the characteristics of Søndervig. Every summer, one talented band after another turns up and plays on the Sandpladsen in Søndervig.


Planting day in week 42 (October)

Together, helmets are planted for a few hours along the foot of the dune.

Activities with the residents' association