Holiday, relaxation and nature are all things that you can find on a trip to Søndervig. The Gateway to the North Sea entices you to sample it all. Søndervig also has a wealth of shopping possibilities. Despite its small size, the west coast seaside town has more than 20 specialty boutiques that offer all you need on a holiday on Jutland’s west coast.

You can holiday in Søndervig year round. The local clothes and shoe shops have clothes and equipment for all kinds of weather and occasions, from a rainy walk in rubber boots along the beach to all kinds of parties.

Søndervig is also a goldmine if you are searching for something tasty with which to treat yourself and your guests. West Jutland excels in produce and specialities. The local merchants make a special effort to serve local goodies on a silver platter – ready for tasting and to purchase as gifts or to treat yourself.

Gifts, souvenirs, design and good food; all of it is just lying there waiting for Søndervig’s visitors.

Groceries and goodies

Gift shops

Sports and outdoor life


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