A game that just has to be tried

A visit to Adventure Park cannot be compared to much else... There are fun and challenging activities here, as well as the opportunity to experience a unique shop, House & Garden. Watch movie here Soccer Pool Soccer Pool is a fantastically fun and entertaining combination of soccer and pool! The rules are the same as in traditional pool, here you just play with footballs instead of pool balls and your feet must be used instead of a pool cue. It can of course be played by anyone and offers plenty of fun and challenge.


Bowls – Precision and tactics are essential! Bowls – A game that you get used to The game of bowls makes great demands on your tactical skills and it requires precision and timing to win. It is played with a total of 8 balls and, just like in petanque, it is important to get your bowl balls as close as possible to the small ball at the other end of the 14 meter long court. A bowling ball is not equally heavy on each side, and therefore begins to spin when it loses speed. It only makes the challenge bigger and the game more fun. Bowls is a big sport in England and Australia in particular. Bring the family or friends – Adventure Park is looking forward to seeing you! Prices in Adventure Park 7+ years: DKK 110 7+ years (Week 28-33): DKK 130 Children 2-6 years: ½ price Season pass 7+ years: DKK 250 Children 2-6 years: ½ price Pay & Play (weeks 44-14): DKK 75


Adventure Park Søtangevej 1 6950 Ringkøbing

Tel. +45 97 33 35 00


Facebook: Link

Owner: Allan Nymark

Football pool and bowls