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Welcome to Søndervig

In recent years, SØNDERVIG has gone through major changes, from having a few seasonal stores to having many large, well-stocked stores that are open all year round.


The cityscape has changed character – roads, pavements and car parks are completely new, and quality is paramount.

We have exciting sidewalk cafes and plenty of restaurants. You will always be able to find a cozy place to have a meal or a cup of cappuccino. We have it all – from pizzeria to gourmet restaurant.

If you are into fashionable clothes, accessories, jewelery or applied art, Søndervig is the place where there is a huge selection.

The town's supermarket is being expanded to 1500 m2 and will be the area's largest food store. The supermarket has everything you can think of for a pleasant holiday and at competitive prices.
Søndervig has a huge activity centre, playgrounds for the children and plenty of free parking spaces.

The 27-hole golf course is only a good shot from Søndervig.
We look forward to serving you and your family in SUNDAY.

Søndervig's old City Gate

the city gateIn the mid-1990s, the former owners of Butik 2, Birthe and Jørgen Krogh-Poulsen, in collaboration with the rest of the Søndervig Center Association, agreed that it was time for Søndervig to have its own city gate, at the three access roads to the city.

It became the artist Per Frøsig from Frederikshavn, who was to carry out the work and he says that his inspiration for the city gate comes from one of his first trips to Søndervig, where he came driving from Ringkøbing towards Søndervig, and saw the city rising up ahead.

The city gates are boat-shaped. The plinth symbolizes the houses, the left side the dunes, the waves and the sun. The right side at the top symbolizes Dannebrog. The cross at the bottom left is a reminder that you are in Søndervig. The red color in the city gate along the pillar is a tribute to the old dune farms. The continuous blue color is inspired by the sea and the endless sky.

The old city gates were taken down in the spring of 2014 and will be restored during the next year so that they can be set up in selected places in Søndervig.

René Lagoni
Chairman of the Center Association

Søndervig Center Association