Just before you reach Søndervig along the A15, you can experience a beautiful view towards the fjord. The sky is teeming with beautiful kites in many colors.
These kites are called kites and are used by the many kitesurfers who stay at Ringkøbing Fjord near Søndervig, which is referred to by the surfers themselves as one of the best for Kitesurfing in Northern Europe. The surfers use their kites as propulsion so that with the help of the wind they can sail across the water of the fjord and make great jumps and turns.

The area close to Søndervig attracts Kitesurfers right from April until well into October. It is the large area with shallow water and the safety of the wind that lures them in, as it gives both experienced and beginners the opportunity to frolic in the waves and wind.

All summer the sky to the southeast from Søndervig has been filled with kites. It is a beautiful sight both from a distance and right down at the water's edge.

Paradise for surfers