Flower hunting in the dunes

Heading straight for the beach when you come to Søndervig seems natural to most people. But the beach is not the only beautiful place the seaside resort can tempt you with. If you hesitate just before and take a turn either south or north, you can especially in the spring months find experiences just inside the outermost range of dunes.



In the spring, the dune bursts forth and it is not only the marjoram that turns green and the dune roses that start to stick their heads out. The dunes are teeming with beautiful flowers and exciting plants.

On Lodbergsvej's first side road north of Badevej, you can eventually choose to walk behind the dunes instead of going towards the beach. It is a cozy little path that winds north along the many summer houses.

IMG_5136There are several possibilities along the way to either go down to the sea or back to the city. But if you stay on the path all the way up to Danland's characteristic buildings or even further, you can encounter countless flowers.

Yarrow, hawthorn, blue monkshood, cod's mouth, hare's clover, blue hat and many many more

Flower hunting in the dunes