Ideas for excursions

Experience freedom in Søndervig when you bicycle or hike with the brisk and briny sea breeze from the North Sea against your face and the smell of sun-baked heather and marram grass in your nostrils. Despite the harsh conditions, many plants and animals live in the dunes and the heath. When you ride your bike or walk you can often meet hares, foxes, and deer. There are plenty of places in the area in and around Søndervig to enjoy a picnic so pack a lunch, make a stop along the way and enjoy the landscape.

Nature is not the only enjoyment just outside your door. Søndervig and the surrounding area boast many culinary treats, including those that Mother Nature offers and from the restaurants and local food producers. There is also a lot of history all over the area, such as the long series of concrete bunkers on the beach and the old thatched roof dune houses further inland.

In the following are several ideas for excursions so you can explore our area. If you find new, interesting places or routes then we would love to hear about them from you.

Flea market

Blomsterjagt i klitterne


Old Søndervig


Gratis glæder


Gastronomisk rundtur

Lyngvig fyr

Lyngvig Fyr hædret af Tripadvisor
Minimum 4 stjerner giver de besøgende Lyngvig Fyr.

Paradis for surfere

Picking berries


The beach in 10 ways


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