Night life

Sun, surf and sand along with lots of activities for the whole family is probably what Søndervig is most renowned for, but during the evenings and nights you can experience another Søndervig. When the activities and sidewalk restaurants close down for the day and parents with their tired children go home the party starts!

Party animals from near and far come to Søndervig to dance and have fun until the wee hours of the morning. Previously, it was the legendary Hotel Klitten and the discoteque Brændingen that attracted folks, but that role has now been taken over by Club Verona. This is the new ‘in’ place that tempts you with several bars, and outdoor lounge area and constantly pulsing music which has a magnetic effect on those seeking rhythm, party fun and yummy cocktails.

The place for several generations to meet in the company of festive music and dancing is Poppen Dancebar in Søndervig. This is where you can experience a special atmosphere in a pub environment. The mature audience ensures that ambience is of the utmost importance. The music is from the 1980s and 1990s but the latest hits are also played.

If you are looking for something in another tempo then you might want to visit the tavern Lanternen with its ambience and cosy atmosphere. At Lanternen you can drink a cold draught beer to the accompaniment of good music and the enjoyable sound of happy summer guests enjoying the music and each other’s company. Lanternen also offers live music.


Bar 3



Poppen dancebar


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