Taste on Søndervig

Søndervig is located in the middle of the 500 km long west coast of Jutland and, as the gateway to the North Sea, lies at a perfect distance from countless west Jutland taste sensations. The sea, wind, dunes and West Jutland soil all contribute to creating special culinary experiences.

Whether you want to experiment in your own kitchen with freshly caught fish, the special salt air-dried fish called dabs, sea buckthorn and other local specialities, or pamper your palate at one of Søndervig’s restaurants, there are many possibilities.

In and around Søndervig there are gourmet and family restaurants, grocery shops and farm shops with their own country kitchens. Their pots and shelves are filled with fresh produce and local specialities.

Explore culinary West Jutland. Enjoy a lunch with a smile and the sun on your face at one of Søndervig’s many eateries or pack an appetising picnic basket and enjoy its contents in the dunes with the wind in your hair and a view of the North Sea.

Your own kitchen

Places to eat

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