At WestWind Outlet you can buy sports and fashion clothes for the whole family.

At WestWind Outlet we always have a large selection of exciting items in clothes and shoes. Regardless of the season, you will find plenty of good deals on seasonal items, both for children and adults. We also have a fine selection of cycling clothing, both for women and men.

We look forward to seeing you in the store, where we emphasize being able to help and service you in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.


We sell the following brands:

Hummel, Nordberg, Whistler, Blue Wave, Kappa, Puma and many more. Children's clothes and shoes from Zig Zag.

We rent bicycles for Hvide Sande Bike, see the prices below:

City Shopping DKK 100 per day
City Shopping DKK 400 per week
Children's bike DKK 100 per day
Children's bike DKK 400 per week

Opening hours

Throughout the month of December, we are open as follows:

Monday – Friday 10:00-17:00

Saturday + Sunday 10:00-17:00


WestWind Outlet
Holmsland Klitvej 94, Klegod
6950 Ringkøbing

Tel. 97338040

homepage: www.west-wind.dk/da/

Facebook: Link

Owner: René Lagoni

West Wind Outlet