The ocean

The ocean

With Søndervig’s location in the middle of the west coast the seaside town is the perfect gateway to the North Sea for the thousands of people who visit this area.

Whether you are staying in a summer cottage or just visiting the west coast for an afternoon, then you will be drawn to the sea – to breathe the ocean air, gaze into the horizon, or just let the water run through your fingers.

The North Sea is part of the DNA of West Jutland. You can hear it from several kilometres away. The numerous fish and shellfish served in the restaurants and on dining tables all along the coast are from the fishing boats that sail from Hvide Sande or one of the other harbours along the coast daily.

The sea is part of everyday life in West Jutland. It affects the weather, sends sea fog over the land and envelops it in a chilly and dense fog. The briny air makes metal rust, which is clear to see on bicycles and drying racks, and gives your lips a salty taste when you lick them after a trip to the beach.

The North Sea by Søndervig is worth a visit year round – when the sun is shining and you can wade in the water, when the wind is blowing crazily and the waves erode the coast, or when you just need to feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy nature with your family.

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