Sondervig Horsecenter


Sondervig horsecenter offers riding for all

Our goal is for all to have a great experience on horseback, our Icelandic horses are calm and good natured we offer:

  • Walk with pony – for kids and young without any prior experience with horses, a nice and calm walk with the pony
  • Beginner ride – A calm ride on our big ride track with a path system on our field. Ride on your own or take your parent with you
  • Free riding – Ride on your own on our big ride track and out on the field, it’s possible to try canter, gallop or the special “tølt”
  • Beach ride – A dream for many – to experience the beach from horseback. If you have the proper riding experience, then we can offer this ride to you


Please see our website for more information about our prices and riding offers

Bring the family! We offer more than horse riding. We have: 12 family games zone, Gold washing site, playground


Opening hours


On reservation


On reservation


On reservation


On reservation


On reservation




On reservation

Before and after our main season we would recommend that you contact us before arrival. Please contact us for beach riding


Søndervig Hestecenter / Ranch
Holmsland Klitvej 144, Søndervig
6950 Ringkøbing

Phone. +45 20 71 90 54


Facebook: Link

Owner: Louise Lodberg

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