Practical information

On Søndervig’s website you can find answers to most of the questions you might ask on a holiday by the North Sea. When you are away from home, your own doctor or your regular veterinarian can be far away. A telephone number for the local doctor and other important numbers can suddenly become necessary to have.

How do you get to Søndervig using public transportation? How do you contact a dentist or the police? Where is Søndervig’s closest defibrillator? What are the opening hours for Søndervig’s shops? What are the rules for flying flags? What are the rules of conduct for swimming and walking along the beach? You can find answers to most of these questions under the menu tab ‘practical information’.

Raising of flags

Free WI-FI in Søndervig

Conduct in nature


Means of travel

Shopping in Søndervig

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