The numerous bunkers on the beach are remnants from World War II. The Germans built them as part of the Atlantic rampart that was meant to protect the Germans against an Allied invasion.
The bunkers were built several hundred metres up in the dunes. Since then, the sea has eroded the coast and laid bare the bunkers so almost all of them are now down on the beaches.
Some of the bunkers are still well hidden up in the dunes and it can be fun to try and find them. However, some of them are on private property so you need permission from the owner to go exploring.

The bunkers are interesting but old so you must be careful when exploring them.
Here are a couple of tips:

•    Never enter a bunker – it can tip. It can seem big and solid but erosion from the sea pounds on it and its foundation daily. (After some storms some bunkers have flipped over completely).
•    The bunkers are full of cracks, holes and rusty pieces of metal. You also need to watch out when swimming because some bunkers are under water.

If you would like to get really close to the bunkers and hear about their history then you can join a guided tour. The tours are organized almost year round in the large bunker areas Krylen and Ringelnatter north of Søndervig.

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