Opening feast in Søndervig Supermarket

Opening feast in Søndervig Supermarket

Søndervig Supermarket has provided for the future.

Shopping at Søndervig Supermarket should be a good experience. Therefore, the supermarket has just expanded and rebuilt to the tune of over 10 million kroner.

The grocer Keld Hansen believes that exclusive products and discount are a good combination and says that Søndervig Supermarket can and will continue to match Fakta and Netto with regard to prices.

The expansion and rebuilding of Søndervig Supermarket has resulted in an exclusive supermarket where details have been nurtured such as a wine cave that houses French and Italian wines at prices up to kr. 3,000, a special department with specialty beers and a hand-sewn bar in leather with beer taps for demonstrations and a new, open delicatessen.

Søndervig Supermarket is now 1,600 square metres and completely renovated with new ceiling, floor and fittings. To create a cosier atmosphere, the ceiling has been lowered and, as the first supermarket in Denmark, has switched the neon lights in the ceiling with softer and warmer lighting.

The selection of goods has been extended to having more organic products in order to be ready to meet increasing demand. We have also tried to make the supermarket as inviting and customer-friendly as possible, the satisfied grocer Keld Hansen says.

Lene and Emma Josefsen, Tarm
Denmark’s TV darling from West Jutland, Emma from the program “Year 0” (“Årgang 0”) was also at Søndervig Supermarket on the opening day. It was her grandfather in Ringkøbing’s birthday, so Emma and her mom took the opportunity to drive to Søndervig and avail themselves of some of the good offers.

Bjarne Barslund, Kibæk At this time of the year my wife and I always stay in our summer cottage on Nordsøvej and have been doing so for 20 years. We couldn’t resist the beef bargains. We think it’s wonderful to follow the development of Søndervig. It is incredibly positive to witness.

Jes and Jonna Esbersen, Ringkøbing They often stay in their summer cottage in Søndervig, but this time it was the good bargains at Søndervig Supermarket in connection with the rebuilding and expansion that lured them to Søndervig on a Thursday afternoon. Jonna Esbersen was enthusiastic about the selection of organic fruit and vegetables. It is wonderful to be able to buy more than just organic carrots, she says with a smile.

Marco and Pia Ditlevsen, Ringkøbing We have come for the good porterhouse steak bargain – we couldn’t resist. A bonus to the trip to Søndervig is the chance for Marco to say hello to his grandmother who has worked at Søndervig Supermarket for many years.

Kurt Andersen, Hee I have come because of the good porterhouse steak bargain. It has become a great store with lots of room even with all the people here now.

Anja and Poul Christensen, Kloster Poul is a carpenter and works in Søndervig and visited Søndervig Supermarket earlier in the day to find bargain beef. Since the bargain was not on offer until later in the afternoon, he convinced his wife to join him to go to Søndervig where he stood guard over the shopping trolley while his wife hunted for good bargains.

Per Frederiksen, Hvide Sande He was fortunate in that he brought his own shopping basket on this adventurous shopping trip to Søndervig Supermarket because on a day with so many good bargains it was hard to find available shopping trolleys and baskets. We have come because of the good bargain on minced beef, his wife Mona adds.

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