Lace at Abelines Farm

Lace at Abelines Farm

See how fine and delicate lace is created at Abeline’s Farm on Fridays every second week.

If you can count to four, you can make lace, or so the saying goes. This statement must probably be taken with a grain of salt, but you can see for yourself how lace is made  every second Friday at Abeline’s Farm.

The courageous can also try for themsleves.
Lace making is meticulous work that has decorated clothes and textiles for many years.
Since lace is rather time-consuming to produce it has also been an accessory that in previous times was a sign of wealth and status. During the 1800s lace was something homemakers were proud to show.

Hear Abeline tell stories
You can also visit the exhibition “Faces of the past” where Abeline and the fishermen’s assistant tell stories about their everyday life. Abeline tells about how it was for her to live on the farm and sit in the small rooms and “monitor” Haurvig via the telephone switchboard. You can also hear the fishermen’s assistant tell about her work helping fishermen during the summer.

Relax in the cosy rooms
Stroll through the cosy rooms and enjoy a relaxing time in the cosy little coffee room. Take a seat in the old rooms and soak up the atmosphere while enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee. You can also browse the museum shop that carries snaps, mead and Madam Blue coffee pots.

Practical information
Each Friday in even weeks from 2:00 am to 5:00 pm
Abeline’s Farm, Sdr. Klitvej 87, 6960 Hvide Sande
Entrance fee: 50 kroner for adults, children under 18 years free in the company of an adult

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