House Of Art – ART 56. June 26 – July 10

House Of Art – ART 56. June 26 – July 10

Creative artists are moving in at small harbor ’Tyskerhavnen’ in Hvide Sande…..

Hvide Sande is now host for an art studio where you can visit the artists and follow their work in the open gallery. Come by every day from Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Each artist will stay and work at the gallery in 14 days before they’ll move out and a new artist will move in. This means you’ll have a great chance to see a lot of different art during the season.

House Of Art, also known as ART 56, is located at the adress ‘Æ Gammelhavn 9’, in Hvide Sande.

Artist House.
The studio is open Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 to 16:00.

Periods and names 2020:
June 26 – July 10: International Art, Wood and Bronze Art, Ian Bonde of Tasmania, Australia
July 10 – July 24: Woodcut, Jens Thordahl from Balle
July 24 – August 7: Graphic designer Rikke Hansen from Rødding
August 7 – August 21: Visual artist from Risskov Marianne Arlund Jensen
August 21 – September 4: Graphicist and photographer Michael Ruby from Agger
September 4 – September 18: Painter Karin Stengel from Oerlinghausen, Germany
September 18 – October 2: Multi artists Art On Tour (4 persons) from Skive, Vemb, Struer and Toustrup Mark
October 2 – October 16: Drawer and graphic artist Søren Morns from Esbjerg.

Æ Gammelhavn 9
6960 Hvide Sande,
Ringkobing, Denmark

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