Fashion show in Søndervig

Fashion show in Søndervig

The fashion show in Søndervig attracted women from far and wide.

What prompted 200 women from Esbjerg, Herning, Holstebro, Ringkøbing, Skjern and Hvide Sande to make the trip to Søndervig on a Tuesday evening in March? A fashion show at Beach Bowl that gave them a taste of what the spring and summer can bring of clothes, shoes, hair and make-up trends is what.

The tickets to the fashion show were quickly snatched up and the owner of the boutique Lis B, that sells clothes for women of all ages, even had hopeful women on the waiting list the last couple of days, in case some of the booked tickets were not picked up.

Camilla Sanz fron the boutique Anno 76 explains the huge interest shown in the fashion show by noting that the participating shops are very different from each other and that the fashion show therefore appealed to a wide group of women.

The boutiques Lis B, Anno 76, Butik 2 Gyldenberg and Shoe BY Shoe showed spring fashion in clothes and shoes, from classic to more lively with checks and dots in strong colours. Notabene exhibited beautiful arts and crafts, the hair salon Frisøren in Søndervig showed lovely summer hairdos and Pia Wennike from the clinic Pure Care gave examples of how makeup will be this summer.

Many of the guests used the interlude to look at and shop at the exhibits.

Why did you come to the fashion show in Søndervig?

Anne Marie Muff, Ringkøbing, Birthe Sand, Ringkøbing
For us it is a night out with the girls – without husbands and children – and a chance to see some new fashion. We almost never go out, says Birthe Sande and laughs.

Else Marie Skov, Lemvig, Birgit Duelund, Struer
I am here with my colleague from work, Birgit Duelund, says Else Marie Skov. We will have a nice evening and see the latest fashion tendencies. It’s nice to be together for something other than work, Birgit Duelund adds in agreement.

We often drive to Søndervig and take a walk on the beach – and then we always drop by Butik 2. It is such a nice and exciting boutique.
Perhaps the two ladies will pick up some tips for clothes for their silver anniversary. They have known each other for almost 25 years and worked together for the past five years.

Steinunn Nielsen, Hvide Sande
Praised the organizers for setting up the big fashion show and immediately took the opportunity to invite her girlfriends on a trip to Søndervig. We might as well take advantage of the opportunity, says Steinunn and smiles.

We spotted one man among the many women and naturally also wanted to hear what had prompted him to make the trip to Søndervig.

Rolf Jacobsen, Umbria Italy
It turned out that the cousin of Jens, co-owner of Butik 2, had lured Rolf to Søndervig to watch the fashion show. Rolf Jacobsen is an artist and has lived in Italy for the past five years and is presently on vacation with his Italian family at his sister’s place in Holstebro.

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