Most people have tried it when they walk along the beaches and look, not at the beautiful dunes and the mare straw swaying in the wind, nor out over the sea at the sky and the waves. No, the gaze is directed downwards, fixed on the small stones lying everywhere. Because perhaps you could be lucky enough to find the "Gold of the North" hidden among sand, hollow stones and seashells.

Few people are lucky enough to find amber, because it requires a connoisseur who knows where and when to look between sand, seaweed and rock. By the North Sea, amber has been collected for generations and in Søndervig some of the locals are true experts in the art of finding amber.

During the Easter holidays and autumn holidays, Søndervig Center Association organizes Ravsafari. The popular tours with guide and jewelery designer Anna Maxen are a wonderful nature experience for children and adults, where on a walk along the beach you hear about the amber and get tips and tricks on where and how best to find the little golden pieces. There is usually competition for places on the 2 teams, so a quick registration is a good idea.

Amber Safari