Søndervig Badeland offers 30 degrees summer temperature every day, all year round, with a 50 m long water slide, amusement pool with beach, waterfall, exercise pool, extra warm baby pool as well as hot tub and steam bath. In addition, there is a sauna in both men's and women's changing rooms. In Badelandet's grill bar you can enjoy a glass of cooling soft drink, a beer, or you can satisfy your hunger with the large selection of delicious fast food menus and salad.


If you stay at Danland Feriecenter Søndervig, you have free entrance to the water park during your stay.


Opening hours

Monday: 9 am - 16 pm
Tuesday: 9 am - 16 pm
Wednesday: 9 - 16
Thursday: 9 - 16
Friday: 9 - 16
Saturday: 9-16
Sunday: 9: 16-XNUMX: XNUMX



Søndervig Badeland Holiday Center Søndervig Lodbergsvej 245, Søndervig 6950 Ringkøbing

Tel. +4591339163

homepage: www.danland.dk

Facebook: Link

Owner: Lone Sorensen

Søndervig Water Park