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Søndervig Beboerforening has since 2006 published their annual membership magazine News from Søndervig digitally.

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The association Søndervig Rescue Station

The association will give the old rescue station in Søndervig a new life. On the one hand, the association wants to convey the message about the importance of the rescue stations to the local population of the time, on the other hand the association wants the old building to be used again as a gathering place - a town square where people meet and where the local history strikes the theme.

The building should not be a museum or an assembly hall, but a place where people meet across generations, across country and status. It is important that the house is renovated with respect for the original. In addition to a free meeting place, small lectures can also be arranged, about local strandings, the sea and amber, Bunkers on the beach, etc.

The association seeks funds via "Underværker" - Realdanmark.

Read more about the project here

Søndervig Rescue Station was commissioned in 1857. For the first 30 years it was only a rocket station, but in 1887 it was expanded to also have a lifeboat, newly built from the Orlogsværftet in Copenhagen. On the same occasion, a building was erected, which later housed both the rocket apparatus and the boat. In 1946 the rowing lifeboat was taken out of service, but the station remained active as a rocket station until 1975.

In the period 1868-1954, the station's crew saved 80 lives in 15 operations. The biggest strandings were the barque 'Colonist' of Christiania in 1880 and the steamer 'Fingal' of Karlshamn in 1916. In both cases 12 sailors were rescued ashore.

The counts of the station's actions show that Søndervig Rescue Station rescued far more people with rocket apparatus than with boats. Of the 80 rescued sailors, only one was rescued by boat.


Søndervig's Rescue Station was taken out of operation in 1975. Today, the building is owned by Finnur Lodberg's three children, Ann, Christian and Anders Peter Lodberg. The family supports a preservation from the rescue station and makes it available for a joint "culture house".

An association has been formed that can apply for financial assistance from various foundations. The association is called: Søndervig Rescue Station RB100 (RB100 was the name of the old lifeboat)

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News from Søndervig