The beach in 10 ways

The beach in 10 ways

The beach in 10 ways

When the sun rises and a blue sky beckons, you are drawn to the beach with bathing suits, beach balls, toys and a picnic basket full of goodies.
There is lots to do on the beach Søndervig Strand when the sun is shining but also in the off season with the wind is blowing and the waves crash onto the beach, sending foam dancing across the sand.

During the peak season you can find lots of things to do besides the traditional sand activities.

The beach and the North Sea at Søndervig are perfect for family competitions:

•    Build the highest sand castle
•    Pile the highest tower of flat beach stones
•    Skip stones in the water
•    Find 2 x 5 stones in the same colour and play beach boccia (you can do this in the off season too)
•    See who is the fastest at finding stones with holes or mussels
•    Fly a kite
•    Use your imagination

Horseback riding:

If you want another perspective you can change to another mode of transportation. Bicycles and such are not so good in the soft sand so if you want to get up some speed and feel the wind in your hair then horseback riding in the sand is perfect for you. Søndervig Ranch organises trips on the beach and it is a very special experience to ride on the beach. The trip does require some riding experience.


If you are more interested in other types of horsepower then a trip on the beach on a Segway is a fun and different experience. Beach Bowl in Søndervig has Segways for indoor and outdoor use. Beach Bowl’s experienced Segway riders know the best paths to take down to the beach and on the beach and it is easy to learn to ride a Segway. After a couple of trips on the practice course you will be ready to go.

Morning gym class and running:

During the summer Søndervig Centerforening organises free gym class on the beach at the end of Badevej. Experienced teachers begin classes at 9:00 am and everyone is welcome to get up and going. Keep an eye on the activity calendar and join in when classes begin. A run on the beach makes a nice change from running on asphalt or paths. The soft surface requires extra muscle power and can be a good supplement for the energetic runner.

Stormy weather:

Every year the west coast is hit by storms and sometimes Søndervig also gets a hurricane. In weather like that you should stay indoors but it can be rather exciting to go outside before and after a storm. The beach and the dunes come under attack from the wind and the waves, which becomes very obvious when you go for a walk on the beach. This provides a fascinating insight into the forces of nature and is proof of why it is so important to take care of yourself and each other while a storm is raging.

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