When the sun is high in a blue sky, you go to the beach, with swimwear, sand toys, beach balls and a nice packed lunch to satisfy your hunger while you bathe.
Søndervig Strand offers a wealth of possibilities not only when the sun is shining but also out of season when the wind blows and the waves hit the beach so that the sea foam flies across the sand.



In high season, in addition to the classic beach activities, you can easily come up with a lot of fun activities. Only the imagination sets limits to what you can create.

The beach and the North Sea at Søndervig are ideal for family competitions.

• Build the tallest sandcastle
• Stack the tallest tower of flat beach stones
• Hit the sea
• Find 2 x5 stones of the same color and play beach bocce (also out of season)
• Find hollow stones/clams in time
• Kite flying
• Use your imagination


If you are more into other forms of horsepower, a beach trip on a Segway can be a fun and different experience. Beach Bowl in Søndervig has segways both outside and inside. Beach Bowl's experienced Segway drivers know the best paths down to and on the beach and it is easy to learn to drive a Segway. A few trips around the training ground and you're ready to go.

Morning gymnastics and running:

In the summer, Søndervig Center Association organizes free morning gymnastics on the Stranden off Badevej. Experienced instructors start out at 9:00 a.m. and everyone is welcome to get their body moving in the fresh-morning way. Keep an eye on the activity calendar and be there when it starts. Running on the beach is said to be a good change from running on asphalt or trails. The softness of the surface requires extra launch strength and can be a fine supplement to the fresh runner.

Stormy weather:

Every year the west coast of Jutland is hit by several big storms and sometimes Søndervig gets a hurricane. In such windy weather you have to stay inside, but it can be exciting with a visit before and after the storms rage. The beach and dunes are under severe attack by wind and waves, which is obvious to anyone who walks down there. A fascinating insight into the forces of nature and proof of why it's so important to take care of yourself and each other when it's really windy.

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