Many have visited the West coast and Søndervig have climbed the total of 228 steps to reach the top of Lyngvig Lighthouse, which with its 53 m above sea level offers an excellent view of the North Sea, Ringkøbing Fjord and in the distance Ringkøbing, Søndervig and Hvide Sande.

Most people take the trip on a hot summer's day, when you get sweat on your forehead and enjoy the fresh breeze when you poke your nose through the door at the top. The ice cream from the cafe in the lighthouse keeper's residence is a perfect way to end the trip.

In spring and autumn it is a different and slightly more dramatic experience. Although autumn and spring can be on the mild side, it is the thick coat, the hat and the hood down the ears if you want to be at the top of the fire. Still, it's worth the trip. Because despite and because of the debris and wind, you can now see, feel and taste – the wild West Sea. The Iron Coast – the reason why the lighthouse was built in its day.



Foaming sea, waves, sand on the skin and salt on the tongue. This is how the West Coast can also be experienced, if not out on the platform, then through the beautiful windows along the spiral staircase. The cafe in the lighthouse keeper's residence is just as welcome a sight after the trip as it is in the summer – although with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa on the menu instead of ice cream.

While you're getting warm, you can look around at the beautiful exhibition about the Iron Coast and the many strandings, rescue operations and sad fates.

Lyngvig Lighthouse often has exciting activities, tours of the dune landscape with nature guides, crawling and flowers, nature playground, exhibitions and fun on the beach for both children and adults.

Lyngvig Lighthouse is open from February to November - don't be cheated of the experience of the wild West Sea at Søndervig.

Lyngvig Fyr

Lyngvig Fyr