If you want to fly foreign flags, you must have permission from the local police authority. The permit is usually conditional on Dannebrog also being hoisted. The Dannebrog must be placed in the most prominent place, which as a general rule means on the pole furthest to the left or in the middle. If you have flagpoles at different heights, the Dannebrog must be hoisted on the highest pole. If you only have 1 pole available, no more flags may be hoisted on the same pole.

You are allowed to fly the flags of the Nordic countries, the EU flag and the UN flag without special permission from the police.


The Dannebrog must always be hoisted before the other flags and hoisted last. The flags of the other countries must be placed in alphabetical order after the country's name in French, starting from the left. This means that the German flag (Allemagne) and the Austrian flag (Autriche) must be further to the left than e.g. the Swedish. If Dannebrog is located in the middle, first place to the left of this, then to the right and so on: ECA Dannebrog BD F.
On the website of the Society of Denmark you can read more about the correct order when flying flags with several nations: http://danmarkssamfundet.dk/flag-og-faneraekkefoelge/

See pdf about flag raising.

Flag raising