With Søndervig's location in the middle of the west coast, the seaside resort is the perfect gateway to the North Sea for the tens of thousands of guests who stop by all year round.

Whether you live in a holiday home or are just visiting the West Coast for a single afternoon, you look for the sea. To draw the sea air into your lungs, look out at the horizon, hit the overhead or just let the water run between your fingers.



The North Sea is inherited in West Jutland's DNA. It can be heard from kilometers away and the many fish and shellfish that are served at restaurants and dining tables all along the coast get their raw materials from the fishing cutters that sail out every day from Hvide Sande or one of the other ports along the coast.

The sea is part of everyday life in West Jutland, it affects the weather, sends sea breeze over land and shrouds it in a cold dense fog. The sea salt in the air causes metal to rust, which is clearly seen on bicycles, drying racks and leaves a salty taste on the lips that you can taste on the way home from the beach.

The North Sea at Søndervig is worth a visit all year round. When the sun is baking and you can swim and swim in the waves, when it's windy and the waves eat into the coast or just when you need to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy nature with the family.