Søndervig Residents' Association aims to carry out tasks of common interest for permanent residents, holiday home owners and business operators in the Søndervig area, including tasks that require cooperation with public authorities, and significant shared recreational interests as well as protection of nature and the environment.

Membership fee is DKK 250 per year.

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June 2024:

Energinet holds a public meeting in Kloster:
Three wind farms are to be built in the sea
at least 20 kilometers from the coast. Click on the link and read the article.




Minutes from the 2024 general meeting

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Read articles from Dagbladet Ringkøbing Skjern about compensation for loss of value.

16. November 2023
18. November 2023



Coastal protection – The dunes are callingInitiatives

The North Sea is beautiful and wild. It can be enjoyed all year round and is a central part of what makes our area great. The North Sea is also violent and its impact on the coast is visible to the naked eye every year. Søndervig Residents' Association is aware of the work to secure the coast and has also contributed with events where the dunes are planted.

Welcome to the West Coast - protect the dunes

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